Word of Life - Amazigh Year 2971

This is the entire Gospel in Riffi Tamazight in one book. It will be ready in the Amazigh New Year of Yennayer 2971 (January 12, 2021). DIRECTIONS: (1) There are two buttons on the left: one for Arabic script and one for Latin script. Click on the one you prefer to read. (2) In the middle of the arrows below, click on the book that is there and other books will come up that you might want. (3) Next to it there is a number. Click on it and other numbers will come up. Click on the number of the chapter that you want to read. May God bless you through the reading of the Word of Life.

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Awar n Tudart

Please, if you want a Gospel book that is written in Riffi Tamazight (Tarifit), send us a message to [email protected], and we will send you this book free of charge. We only need the correct form of your name and your address. Notice that both Latin and Arabic scripts are in this one book. If you want this book in Arabic script only, that is also available. If we still have audiobook devices with the Gospel recorded on them, we will also send you that. If these have run out, then we will not be able to do that since we only have a limited number of them. So, request one before they run out. Thank you and God bless.